Financial Software in Use: Best practices for Conducting an Initial Horizontal Merger Analysis

One of the most important problems in the development of information technology in financial management is the choice of appropriate financial software products. At the same time, the variety of financial management tasks necessitates the use of various software tools, often significantly differing in purpose, functionality, used environment, etc.

Financial Solutions Software

It should be noted that such a division is very arbitrary since some software tools can combine the properties and capabilities of several selected classes at the same time, while others can be focused on solving only narrow specialized problems. The software tools used as financial decision support tools can be divided into the following classes:

  • integrated enterprise management systems;
  • table processors;
  • packages for solving problems of fundamental analysis;
  • packages for solving problems of technical analysis;
  • statistical and mathematical software packages;
  • artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

The use of virtual data room pricing increases the effectiveness of financial analysis. This is achieved by reducing the time of its implementation, the possibility of using a large amount of information about financial and economic activities, reducing errors in calculations, the use of modeling and optimization methods, practically not carried out manually and by traditional methods.

How to Conduct an Initial Horizontal Merger Analysis

Over the past decade, the literature about the initial horizontal merger analysis by companies from emerging economies has posed and answered the following questions: What competitive advantages do financial software have in use?

The specifics of state-owned companies were identified, which are more likely to enter into an initial horizontal merger deal after the negotiation stage, if the acquired company comes from a country of a political ally, while if a state-owned company makes a deal in a developed and politically stable market, the likelihood of the deal is reduced. The main provisions of the scientific novelty of the dissertation research are as follows:

  • an approach has been developed to determine the process of implementing a foreign transaction, which includes the selection of a foreign market, negotiating a transaction, and determining the value of the transaction;
  • three types of competitive advantages of companies are identified: asset-based, transactional and institutional;
  • the factors of the institutional environment of a foreign state, which are significant in the process of implementation of a foreign transaction.

Initial horizontal merger analysis of the planned investment activities of the company, allows you to visually and in detail model its financial transactions, ensuring the creation of adequate to the planned business financial model. Analytical capabilities of the program allow for financial and investment analysis, various comparisons.

It is designed to perform a comprehensive assessment of the company, identify key trends in its development, calculate basic standards for planning and forecasting, and assess creditworthiness. Carrying out a detailed financial analysis and managerial interpretation of the obtained results will allow us to find the optimal way of development, to develop a program of financial recovery of a business on the verge of bankruptcy, to justify an investment decision. The user also has the opportunity to perform financial analysis using both old and new forms of financial reporting. With the help of a specially written macro, financial statements are automatically translated from the old to the new format. The data structure during working with balance sheets and financial indicators is quite simple, so it is easy to add your analytics.

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